Our Team 

Manali Nayak

Manali pic.jpg

Manali started Launchpad in 2018, and is currently a Physics undergrad at the Ohio State University. She is passionate about scientific research, communication and education.


Apart from conceptualizing and overseeing Launchpad programs, she enjoys reading, classical dance and art.

What motivated her to start Launchpad?

“Learning is a lifelong process and cannot entirely be achieved by our traditional education system. I want Launchpad to be a platform for students to learn through informal conversations, curious questions and innovative ideas.”

Urvi Ashturkar

Urvi Ashturkar.jpg

Urvi is a Computer Science student at College of Engineering, Pune and has been an integral part of building Launchpad since it was first started in 2018. She is a graphic design enthusiast and loves experimenting with it (now you know who’s behind our logo ;)). 


Urvi manages technology and outreach at Launchpad. When she isn’t studying or creating awesome stuff on her computer, you can catch her dancing, running or watching a feel-good movie.


Why does she love Launchpad?

“I'm easily excited by other people's passion for their work and I think that's something everyone should get to feel.”

Dr. Ninad Sheode

Ninad Sheode.png

Dr. Ninad Sheode is the director of Dr. Ninad Sheode’s Physics Classes & LearnAc, Pune, and is a mentor and guide for Launchpad.


Dr. Sheode is known for his knack of making Physics fun and exciting through his emphasis on conceptual understanding. Students also know him to support their wacky extra-curricular ideas (like Launchpad!).


“The idea behind Launchpad is not to guide students about career options; the idea is to exchange knowledge and enrich ourselves so that we evolve as better human beings.”