In school, or any traditional classroom, an agenda of completing a pre-decided syllabus in a short span of time often leaves very less space for learning purely for the sake of learning. At Launchpad, we hope to give school students such an opportunity to explore and connect with their interests beyond the classroom, and routine schoolwork. Our programs are not limited to science, as we encourage students to develop awareness regarding important work in various fields, and to take inspiration from commendable initiatives by common people.

Since November, 2018, we've hosted talks by many incredible people, not for career counseling, but to give students an insight into what their work demands, and why they love doing what they're doing. Though initiated for high schoolers, we now sees college students and parents attending too, and even participating in Q & A sessions! Launchpad has started to become more of a free stage, where we even organize student talks- and why not? We're all naturally inclined to asking questions, and exchanging ideas - we just tend to forget that somewhere along the lane of formal education!

What starts as a simple exchange of ideas here, puts people of similar interests in touch, and even generates a newfound interest and respect for fields one has never concerned oneself with before. We hope that students like ourselves will take this program forward. You're never too young to change something you really care about!

So, dear student, parent or fellow learner/explorer, welcome to Launchpad. Feel free to join in: you never know what you might discover!